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                                  Bring your passion and unique experiences to class and learn from a master silversmith.


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                                  Master Silversmith Susan Lenart gave herself a challenge to put together a set of tools that she could recommend to students in her sold-out workshops.
                                  After two years, she is excited to release her Soldering Station Resource Guide- Build your torch soldering station for under $250! 



                                  The free class, Alchemy of Soldering, is an introduction to Susan's techniques. She has held nothing back and created this comprehensive video course using torch soldering to create a bezel. In this 2-hour course, you will learn torch soldering. It's a wonderful preparation for other classes with Susan.


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                                  Intentional Metalsmithing is master silversmith Susan Lenart's first online course. Over six months, you'll have a front-row seat to watch Susan teach her philosophy on metalsmithing and all her favorite techniques.  Suitable for all levels of experience. Registration is open through July 16.

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                                  Are you ready to find your groove?

                                  If you've been feeling stuck, this is the place for you! While studying with master silversmith Susan Lenart, you'll refine your techniques and watch your style evolve. 

                                  Stop thinking about it and get to work.

                                  Nothing works like work! In Susan's courses, you'll have a front-row seat to watch her process and be able to follow along on your own. Lifetime access means you can watch again and again!

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                                  Break out of your routine and evolve your work into a more personal, deeper style studying under Susan Lenart.

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